Thursday, November 30, 2006

Six Strange Things Meme

Erin tagged me for this thing. I'm supposed to list six strange things about me, and then tag six people. I may not do the tagging part, but here's the rest...

1. I make up my own words to songs and sing them around the house. On Thanksgiving I sang the words "Happy Thanksgiving" over and over to the tune of "Deck the Halls." I don't do too badly if I try to make up rhymes. They don't always make sense, but they rhyme.

2. I get excited when I have to go buy office supplies. I don't really know why. Even when I'm just along for the ride when someone else needs to go to Staples, it's like I just walked in to Toys R Us. They'll go look at whatever they need and I'll be fawning over notebooks and calendars and pens. It's kind of sad.

3. Even if I truly need to go, I won't make a doctor's appointment until I'm absolutely forced to do it. I hate going to the doctor's office or to the hospital. It's just a sprain. It's always just a sprain. It'll be fine. Please let me stay home.

4. I'll sing you all the words to "Hail to the Victors" but I couldn't sing you the words to my college's (the one I actually have a degree from) alma mater. I don't know how strange that really is. There's something in there about the echoes bringing back a lay or something. Whatever that means.

5. When I'm out driving I'll see empty storefronts or office space for rent and fantasize about what I'd do with it if I rented it. Maybe this ties in with my getting excited about office supplies.

6. I can't watch when I go to the Bloodmobile and they stick the needle in (let alone look at the packet of my blood afterwards), and I can't watch when they give me a shot at the doctor...but I plop right down in the tattoo chair without a second thought.

Okay, I've come to the end and don't know who to tag. If you read this and feel like doing it, knock yourself out.