Thursday, November 30, 2006

Six Strange Things Meme

Erin tagged me for this thing. I'm supposed to list six strange things about me, and then tag six people. I may not do the tagging part, but here's the rest...

1. I make up my own words to songs and sing them around the house. On Thanksgiving I sang the words "Happy Thanksgiving" over and over to the tune of "Deck the Halls." I don't do too badly if I try to make up rhymes. They don't always make sense, but they rhyme.

2. I get excited when I have to go buy office supplies. I don't really know why. Even when I'm just along for the ride when someone else needs to go to Staples, it's like I just walked in to Toys R Us. They'll go look at whatever they need and I'll be fawning over notebooks and calendars and pens. It's kind of sad.

3. Even if I truly need to go, I won't make a doctor's appointment until I'm absolutely forced to do it. I hate going to the doctor's office or to the hospital. It's just a sprain. It's always just a sprain. It'll be fine. Please let me stay home.

4. I'll sing you all the words to "Hail to the Victors" but I couldn't sing you the words to my college's (the one I actually have a degree from) alma mater. I don't know how strange that really is. There's something in there about the echoes bringing back a lay or something. Whatever that means.

5. When I'm out driving I'll see empty storefronts or office space for rent and fantasize about what I'd do with it if I rented it. Maybe this ties in with my getting excited about office supplies.

6. I can't watch when I go to the Bloodmobile and they stick the needle in (let alone look at the packet of my blood afterwards), and I can't watch when they give me a shot at the doctor...but I plop right down in the tattoo chair without a second thought.

Okay, I've come to the end and don't know who to tag. If you read this and feel like doing it, knock yourself out.


erin said...

"Sing Alma Mater, Heidelberg. Sing till the vaulted heavens ring. Sing till gale on swiftest wing, bear the song away. Sing till returning echoes bring back again the lay. Sing till the echoes bring back the lay, Sing Heidelberg!"

Your wife should make you learn it. She was in choir with me, so I'm sure she remembers. ;)

Yay for silly memes!! I figured you were due for one anyways, so thanks for playing.


ps. and yes, most females use more than shampoo and conditioner, so I'm in the minority.

erin said...

And here is the verse which should have preceded my first comment...the whole echoes bringing back the lay got me distracted! ;)

"Sweet Alma Home! Where ere we be! Where ere we roam, on land or sea. Our swift-winged memories in yearning, yearning, backwards fly to thee."

Now you're informed. ;)