Monday, November 27, 2006

UCC Blogring

It's been a while, so I thought I'd remind my readers of the United Church of Christ Blog Network. It's grown steadily since it began back in April, and new members are always welcome.

Maybe it's time to do something more with the host blog. I'll consider that, but the main purpose is the list of blogs off to the side, all somehow affiliated with the UCC and actively seeking the best for the denomination. Go browse a couple.

A few recommendations:

Disciple David - David Loar pastors a UCC church in Akron, Ohio and is also interested in emerging church issues.

Jeremiah's Field - Genxpastor is a seminarian friend, newly called to a UCC church in Illinois.

Kirkogitation - Kirk is a UCC pastor in Illinois and contributes to the Bible section of i.ucc.

Rantings of the Faithful - Pastor Peters is a very new UCC pastor in Maine, who just started her first pastorate a few weeks ago.

New UCC blogs always welcome!