Sunday, November 19, 2006


I had two church-related dreams last night.

In the first, I couldn't find any of my stoles and the prelude had already started. So there was this long time of silence while I looked for them. And I wasn't looking in my office for them, either. I was looking in the back room where I know they wouldn't be. So then I walk out to begin the service. I'm not actually in my church's sanctuary, but in my dream I think that it's my church's sanctuary...know what I mean? And a neighbor church has brought its youth group and at some point it's become an evening service. And the youth group won't shut up. Some start chanting and some are talking at regular level voices and some start singing. I try to direct them to the call to worship, but no one is having it. By this point I realize that all of the congregation except for this youth group has walked out. Finally one of the adults with this group explains that their church has embraced a much more relaxed style of worship where "whatever the Spirit leads them to do, they do." To me, it's just chaos and noise.

In my second dream, once again I'm in my church but it's not my church but in my dream I know it's my church. They actually meet in what looks like the lower level of a beach house, but it's big enough to have a sanctuary and offices and classrooms. I lead at least part of a worship service and then I find myself outside looking at our facilities and ask myself, "what if I suggested that we actually build a church building?" And then in that weird awake-but-not-awake-yet phase, I remember that we already have one and I have to get up soon to go do stuff at it.

Interesting what my subconscious tries to process. If we looked at these with a Freudian mindset (who Psychology Major Mrs. Jeff says is full of crap), there are all sorts of fun things we could come up with...none of which I'll go into now, because I really do have to go do stuff at the church.