Sunday, December 03, 2006

10 Random Thoughts on a Sunday Evening

~Yeah, like Florida really stands a chance against Ohio State. I'll root against OSU regardless, but mostly I'll be rooting for the stadium to collapse.

~If you visit the UCC Forums, you'll find that their theology forum just recently became overrun by their first poster proselytizing atheism. It's surprising that it took so long, but all the same it's cute watching him act like he's smarter than everyone else.

~Pray for my grandma. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and it has since found its way into her bones. This is going to be a difficult year, methinks.

~In the same evening, I learned that a seminary buddy of mine will be at General Synod this summer. That made my evening brighter.

~My sermon tanked today. Here, tell me if you get this: a guy sees a sign in a storefront that says, "Pants Pressed Here." Immediately interested, he walks in and starts taking off his pants. The store owner exclaims, "Hey! What are you doing?" "You press pants here, right?" "No...I paint signs." If you don't get it, picture about 110 of you staring back at me blankly. It went downhill from there.

~I love Advent, but I find my third time through that it's hard to come up with new stuff to preach about.

~We've been watching the first three Harry Potter movies all weekend on TV. It's almost as enjoyable as the Thanksgiving Bond marathon.

~Chipotle is the best restaurant ever. I may be exaggerating a little. But I always find it a delightful Sunday lunch treat. It's not as glamorous as a family potroast, but we sure like it.

~I debuted my Advent praise song today. I'm pretty sure some people sang along.

~Blah blah blah this is number 10.