Wednesday, December 20, 2006

"Get X Out of Xmas"

This was posted on a messageboard on which I mostly lurk nowadays, but it really spoke to me this morning and I wanted to share it here:

OK, for something completely different - I've been thinking about why"keep Christ in Christmas" bothers me (but what doesn't these days?) Nobody kept Christ in Christmas the first time. (OK, maybe Mary) Andwhat kind of Christ is it that we can put into, or keep out of,Christmas? It's all I can do to keep up with him, much less keep him in, out, or anywhere!

My sermon thought on Christmas Eve - it's more important to keep Christ in Thursday than to keep him in Christmas. Thursday comes 52 times a year more often, for one thing. When we're all mellow and tender at Christmas time we hardly feel the need for him anyway. Thursday, though - when you've lost your temper and smacked your kid,or you're wondering why the hades you ever got into this vocation -THAT's when you need Christ.

Alternate Christmas Eve sermon thought - get Christ out of Christmas.We've been trying to keep him in for the last 50 years to no great effect that I can see. For 50 years I've heard whining about the commercialism of Christmas (done it myself) and over that same timeperiod more stores are open more hours selling more crap than ever before. So maybe trying to keep Christ in Christmas is counterproductive. Maybe it's time to stop trying to baptize a pagan holiday, worship God on Thursday (see above) or any other day, and let Christmas run it's commercially driven, self-congratulatory, Dickens-centered, emotionally overloaded, conspicuously consumptive way.

Merry Christmas to you too!