Friday, December 01, 2006

Pop Culture Roundup

I've been able to get through Spook a little more this week. Back to back are chapters on the soul: first, where exactly it is (the discussion ranges from theories on when life begins and thus whether the soul is in the sperm or egg to a Jewish belief that there is a "soul bone") and second, how much it weighs (one guy who owned a TB clinic rigged a cot on a scale, weighed some patients as they died, and concluded that the soul weighs 21 grams, which apparently inspired the movie title). Roach handles it all with her trademark humor and grace as she explores how well theories like these match up with modern scientific knowledge. The short answer is that not many of them do.

A church member randomly gave me a copy of Heidi with Shirley Temple this past Sunday. Usually people pass along specifically Christian books or videos that they found inspirational (I have a tape of Joyce Meyer somewhere in my office), but this was a first. Mrs. Jeff loves Shirley Temple, so her eyes lit up when I showed her. I know the basic story of Heidi...I've never seen this version. So I guess I will to say I did. (Slightly related note: why ruin perfectly good animal crackers by putting them in your soup? What a waste.)

I was flipping through channels the other day and came across A Charlie Brown Christmas...except it wasn't THE Charlie Brown Christmas. Instead it looked like a whole bunch of Christmas-themed comic strips that had been animated and strewn together. So we had Snoopy dressed up as Santa Claus and Charlie Brown making his Christmas list and some other stuff. But it wasn't the REAL Christmas special. This was something someone came up with way later. They even used some of the same music. All in all, though, it was way inferior. There's only one Charlie Brown Christmas. Making another is borderline blasphemy.

I've been listening to The Black Keys' Rubber Factory while driving from visit to visit. I have full permission from myself to listen to Christmas music now, but haven't been in the mood yet. Maybe when we get the tree up.

Around the web, Pandora is still an awesome music service.