Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Spoke Too Soon

Scene: A popular family dining establishment which the POC household likes to frequent. They are on a mission to purchase new trays for their self-scooping litter box and have taken an opportunity to have lunch before completing their errand.

"Jingle Bell Rock" begins playing over the speakers. Jeff takes another bite of his burger. Mrs. Jeff has another sip of soup.

After another moment, Jeff fully notices the music playing.

Jeff: Huh.

Mrs. Jeff: Hm?

Jeff: This song is pretty corny.

Mrs. Jeff: (stops to listen for a moment) Yeah, it is.

Jeff: Hey...but at least they're not playing "Feliz Navidad." I haven't heard that [deleted] song once so far this season.

Mrs. Jeff: You shouldn't have said that! You just jinxed yourself!

Jeff: Oh. I might have.

"Jingle Bell Rock" ends. The very next song is...come on, guess. But it's not the guy singing through his's Celine Dion, which Jeff considers to be even worse.

Jeff: [Deleted]

Mrs. Jeff: Told you.