Monday, January 22, 2007

Foosball is of the Debbill

I stayed up last night to watch the end of the Colts/Patriots game. Earlier I kept flipping back and forth from the Bears/Saints to whatever else I was watching.

Here's the thing: I don't really like pro football that much. It might be because I was born near Detroit and now live near Cleveland, so there simply hasn't been anything for me to like. Barry Sanders and Bernie Kosar are long gone. When I lived in St. Louis there was more excitement. My first year there I got to experience what it was like to attend a Super Bowl party that involved actually rooting for a participating team. They lost, by the way.

Regardless, now we're set for two teams from neighboring midwestern states to play in a ridiculous spectacle that will suck in casual fans and even non-fans like moths to a flame. Usually my friends and I talk while the game is on and then watch the commercials. Except last year, I watched with a Steelers fan, so the rest of us talked and he watched.

But none of this is really an excuse for why I was watching the NFL all day yesterday. I tend not to care until the playoffs. Again, that's the lack of quality pro football in Ohio and Michigan. But baseball doesn't start for another couple months and college football just ended. I really think that I want to like the NFL...again, no good reason locally.

I guess that's why ESPN hypes Monday Night Football the way that they do. Commercials are set up to say, "you're going through your week, but football will be on soon." It's not "the Saints will be on soon," or "the Colts will be on soon." It's "football will be on soon." Come watch football. You don't care who the teams are. You just like the sport (and the league) enough that you'll watch whatever is on.

That works for me for baseball and college football. It doesn't yet fully work for me and the NFL. But it did yesterday. And just like for everyone else, it'll work in a few weeks. Still, spring training won't be here fast enough.

By the way, congrats to That Couple in Chicago. You're probably excited at least.