Saturday, January 06, 2007

Two Years...Again

I celebrate another two year anniversary today.

A little over a month into my church gig, I felt a greater and greater itch to see what I could do with a blog space. By that point I'd become a regular reader of a few, yet was hesitant to start my own. I thought I'd write the first couple weeks, then update every few days or weeks, then decide that I have better things to do with my time.

Here's Philosophy Over Coffee two years later. How'd that happen?

I've truly come to enjoy writing here. At times it helps me process some theological tidbit or another. At other times I try to put my weekly sermon struggles into words. Still at other times I just write to complain or attempt to wax poetic or just talk about baseball or music.

This blog has led to a few published works, which I consider a big deal. It's cool to see my name in print. It's also cool to think that someone gave me the opportunity.

And this blog has led to a small amount of notoriety. Remember the UCC Commercial Leak That Wasn't A Leak? How about my megachurch rant that got another blog all hot and bothered ("OMG he said a swear!!!11")? Those moments were a bit strange...they taught me something about the power of language, and also just how much one's pre-conceived notions color how one reads something.

So anyway, POC is two years old. I think it's kind of cool that I started this on Epiphany. Happy anniversary and happy incarnation. Who knows what the future holds?