Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wait...this is a real thing that happens?

From Lutheranchik:

Overheard conversation here in Outer Podunk:

"I ain't votin' fer no one named Obama, 'cause that sounds too much like Osama."

Welcome to my world.

Are you kidding me?

Someone told me that people might dismiss Obama for this reason, and I said, "There's no way that'll work. People aren't that irrational."

Okay, then. Apparently I'm wrong.


Anonymous said...

I think we'll actually see organized opposition to him based on this ignorance.

E-Speed said...

incredibly sad

Melissa said...

that is such a sad commentary on today's world.....

Anonymous said...

people suck.

Tell me you've already heard all about this...

or at least seen the Daily Show's take on it.

(oh, and if you still feel like faxing that book page over here, I'd still like it)

-That girl from Chicago

Jeff Nelson said...

Mrs. Jeff mentioned that story this morning, but I didn't know what she was talking about. Now I do.

(I sent you a fax a week or so ago. It might've been tossed. I'll try again tomorrow morning.)