Monday, February 05, 2007

"It's Colder Than It Looks Outside"

That BNL lyric popped into my head this morning as I watch the morning weather forecast. Here in northeast Ohio we're expecting a high of 6. That's all. 6. If you factor in the windchill up on the hill where I live, it's about -30. A lot of schools are closed today because of it. I only remember one time when school was cancelled because it was this cold. I think it was when I was in elementary school out in the sticks. The most amusing thing about watching the news this morning has been the fact that they've made reporters go stand outside to report how dangerous the cold weather is and how we should all stay indoors. Maybe that's not really amusing.

The cold certainly kept people away yesterday morning. I figured that it would keep our older folks away, but it kept everybody away. I usually have 10-12 kids for my children's sermon and I had four. And it was a good thing, because the lesson depended on having at least three to help demonstrate what a seraphim looks like. Through the rest of the service, the cold looked like it affected people's moods...I had more blank stares and yawns than usual during my sermon, and by the end I didn't want to listen to myself either (you like how I blamed their moods and not my content? Who am I kidding?).

The upside was that yesterday was my first time serving altar communion. This isn't "rip and dip" altar communion, though. This is having 20 or so people stand along the front at a time and serve everyone bread, then serve everyone juice, then collect the cups, then dismiss them, repeat. This church is used to alternating this style with passing everything through the pews, but I have been hesitant to serve it at the altar for the following reason: when I was about 9 years old, this style of communion TOOK FREAKING FOREVER. Of course, it may have been that I was 9 years old and had the attention span of a goldfish. At any rate, the lower turnout was helpful to me learning how to serve this communion style. It certainly didn't take as long as I remember (goldfish), and less people to screw up in front of (hanging preposition).

The people who weren't there but who also weren't being kept away by the cold weather were probably busy preparing for the pop culture trainwreck known as the Super Bowl. You know, because it takes all day to prepare for that. We had a few people over, one of whom is a teacher who'd already been notified that her school would be closed today. I had to fight with Mrs. Jeff for control of the remote, because Sci Fi aired a Ghost Hunters marathon all day yesterday as well. I didn't want to miss any good commercials. In retrospect, there had to have been some good commercials to miss first. Budweiser had a few amusing ones and I don't care, K-Fed was good. Other than that, everyone put up a pretty lame effort. The game itself was pretty good, too. When the Bears returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown, I quickly had to remind everyone about a certain other recent title game where that happened, and look how that turned out.

So when's baseball start?