Friday, February 09, 2007

Pop Culture Roundup

As critical as I've been about Buechner's style and what sort of audience he had in mind when he conjured these sermons, I have to say that the past several weeks I've noticed a slight change in how I think about and write my own sermons. Buechner has quite a mystical edge while attempting to balance that with the religious experience of the typical American Protestant. He addresses the mix of doubt, boredom, apathy, anxiety, devotion, and tradition that one can find in most mainline churches, and he's helped renew my awareness of ways to preach with these elements in mind.

We've been watching a lot more Scrubs. It's a good thing that one doesn't necessarily have to watch this show from the beginning in order to keep up with continuing storylines. We've got season 1 through Netflix, but are also able to catch episodes from various seasons on Comedy Central, and the new season on NBC. That's a lot of Scrubs. I do have a limit in one sitting. And the more I watch, the less I like Elliot.

The Garden State soundtrack has recently crept back into my CD player.

Around the internets, Kamp Krusty has a Point/Counterpoint on whether it is sinful to want to beat up John Mayer.