Friday, February 16, 2007

Pop Culture Roundup

I'm still taking Buechner a sermon at a time, and he's going to make it into no less than two sermons between now and Easter. Aside from that, this week I was handed a copy of the latest book one of our Sunday School classes is discussing, Muhammed: A Prophet for Our Time by Karen Armstrong. I thought it was really cool that they're being intentional about understanding other religions, and Armstrong has a great reputation as a religious historian. I've gotten through the first two chapters, and so far Armstrong has detailed the context out of which Muhammed came, how tribalism ruled the day and how Mecca emerged as a huge trading center, and the beginnings of Muhammed receiving and sharing his revelations. It's been a huge help in better understanding Islam as a whole, and in particular its understanding of its central figure.

Non-wrestling fans, go ahead and skip down. For Christmas, I got a DVD entitled The History of the WWE Championship. I'd watched a couple matches on it before this week, legendary Wrestlemania main event matches I'd been interested in for years but had never seen such as Hulk Hogan/Randy Savage and Hogan/Ultimate Warrior. I must say that these matches haven't aged well. But that's not the point. The point is that I popped in the second disc this week while climbing onto the eliptical machine. First, it's the perfect DVD to watch while working out. Second, the matches from the mid 90s and later such as Shawn Michaels/Mankind and HHH/Cactus Jack are pretty freaking sweet.

Both the original and new Star Wars movies have been on HBO a lot this week. Ever notice how in Return of the Jedi when Darth Vader gets his mechanical hand cut off by Luke, he yells in pain? What's up with that? And people rag on Hayden Christensen for his acting, but seriously, take a step back and watch Mark Hamill. IV, V, and VI are still better, though.

Around the web, here's a music video about llamas.

Also, through the website on which that video can be found, I came across World Domination Toys, which actually promotes an album of Gorillaz-style music. So I've been playing it in the background while I do other stuff this week.