Sunday, April 22, 2007

For Instance, This One Will Go in "Blogging"

After a process that wasn't annoying, didn't take up hours of my life, and that Blogger made very efficient and easy, all my blog entries have now been categorized (or, keeping in the spirit of the blog title, "Flavored").

I thought that it was a cool feature that pretty much every other blog-hosting service had, so when I saw that the Beta upgrade offered it, I wanted to take advantage not just for new entries but for all entries.

So now you can read all the Pop Culture Roundups from the very beginning right in a row. Or every good and bad thing that I've had to say about the way the UCC does things. Or every post where I've cheered or lamented Michigan sports teams and sometimes the Indians. Or every post I made For No Particular Reason.

Check it out in the sidebar. I'm psyched. Psyched.