Friday, April 27, 2007

GalPals "What Are You..." Meme

In lieu of the Roundup, here's a meme instead. Each one begins, "What are you..."

1. Wearing - Jeans and my "Evil Skull Tattoo Shop" t-shirt. And I've been wearing my Detroit hat off and on as well.

2. Pondering - "American Idol" bothered me in a way similar to the blogger quoted below. Even before that, however, I've lately been pondering how to incorporate more mission work into my life, as well as to continue emphasizing it where I serve. I know of a few opportunities, including a trip to New Orleans being put together in early fall by my Association.

3. Reading - Not much besides other blogs at the moment. I have Anne Lamott's new book in my possession, but haven't started it yet. Maybe later this evening when I go get coffee.

4. Dreaming - Not sure what sort of dreaming is meant here. I dream of getting away, like really getting away. I'll get to do that soon.

5. Eating - On a general level, I'm getting back on the wagon as far as watching what I eat, so more salads, grilled chicken, fruit, yogurt, stuff like that. But also peanut butter cups. I love me some peanut butter cups.