Thursday, April 12, 2007

Resolution Time

As I've mentioned before, I'm a delegate to this year's General Synod in Hartford. Before I went to Atlanta, I blogged about the resolutions that would be presented at that gathering. Soon it will be time to blog about this year's resolutions. Happily, there aren't as many as there were two years ago, likely because this Synod will focus so much on the anniversary. Still, I'll divide these into my own categories and tackle them one day at a time.

So here are this year's categories. The texts for all of these can be found here.

The Controversial: A Reaffirmation of Marriage Based on the Word of God, A Reaffirmation of the Historic and Ecumenical Christian Perspective on Marriage, Legalization of Physician Aid in Dying

The Mildly Divisive: Against Depleted Uranium Weapons, A Call to End Migrant Deaths and the US Blockade Strategy of Border Enforcement, Call For A More Humane United States Immigration Policy, In Support of Immigrant Communities, Regarding the Tar Creek Superfund Site

The Practical: Changing the Composition of the General Synod, Renewing the Covenant with the Rural Church

The Fluffy: Reaffirming our Faith to Retain our Churches, Returning To Unity And Diversity In The United Church of Christ

I'll have some extra time next week, so I'll treat these categories one day at a time. Or maybe every other day. Whatever.