Thursday, April 26, 2007

There's Something Very Very Wrong Here

From Kamp Krusty...

So this morning, we're talking about poverty on the radio. Of course, American Idol's special put it on the agenda, so I go with it.

"You know, sure would be a shame if American Idol talks more about the starving, the diseased in Africa, than the churches in America. Sure would be a shame if American Idol put something on the radar screen that we didn't. Sure would be a shame if there are churches in Africa with HIV-positive people, and not enough money for ARV drugs, and they have to wait for American Idol. That would be ironic."

Then a very earnest, caller: "Well, American churches are doing everything they can to fight poverty in Africa."

Everything we can?

Caller: Yes. But we're called to take care of our own first.

How so?

Caller: Well, you gotta understand: There's only so much money, and it's really expensive to try to offer the programs we need to lure the world into our buildings. It's very, very expensive, and there's not going to be much left.

And now, the latest from Relient K...