Friday, May 04, 2007

GalPals Party Meme

I think I'm going to start doing the Roundup on Saturday, just in case I feel like doing these memes on Friday.

1) Would you rather be the host or the guest? I've definitely been the guest more often than the host. There's definitely less stress when you're a guest: you just show up and eat all their food. But I've enjoyed being a host, more often when the set agenda of the evening is almost maybe plan a few little things, but forcing people into an overdone itinerary and forget it. So having rambled all that, I'll say host because I've had some of my best times at parties as a host.

2) When you are hosting, do you clean everything up the minute the guests go home? Will you accept help with the dishes? First part: heck no. I crawl into bed. Second part: you assume that people give a "no" answer? And I do accept help from my mechanical friend.

3) If you had the wherewithal, and I guess I mean more than money, to throw a great theme party, what would the theme be? I'm going with luau. Tiki torches, Hawaiian shirts, roast pig. The key is that all of this happens outside on a nice summer evening. We could freaking sit outside next to a grill for all I care. But this is a theme party, so let's throw in all that other stuff too.

4) What's the worst time you ever had at a party? Almost every party I went to in college. I had this thing about not drinking underage (and later this "if other Christians see you drink, they'll petition Jesus to send you to hell" thing...but I eventually got over that), and when my fraternity would throw parties I would sign up to guard the stairs near the back door, drink a root beer, and feel incredibly bored.

5) And to end on a brighter note, what was the best? There are a couple, but I'm going with a birthday party that we had for Mrs. Jeff's mom in seminary. She died ten or so years ago, but Mrs. Jeff likes to host these to help remember her. So this one year, we invited half the campus into our shoebox apartment, sang "Happy Birthday," had cake, told stories and jokes, imbibed. There wasn't an inch of free space, and none of us cared. It was fantastic. There was absolutely nothing forced about the evening at all. Like I said, I've had some of my best times as a host.