Thursday, May 10, 2007

Just so you know...

...if I'm ever privileged to preach at someone's ordination or installation, I will include something like the following. Feel free to steal it if you are so privileged as well:

"Sometimes as pastors, we like to think that ministry is the only calling in our lives (as if each person only has one call at a time). It's the one that is tied most explicitly to God and what God wants us to do. It's easy to see: we're in a place that hopefully has dedicated itself to the worship of and service to God. But when we do this, we're short-changing ourselves and our families. When we think of pastoral ministry as our only calling, we can neglect our calls to be spouses, parents, siblings, sons or daughters, and friends. God would be mighty disappointed in us if we took this attitude."

Something like that. All my recent thinking about home offices and the inevitability of Miniature POCs inspired me to type this.

So all you pastor-types who may possibly one day maybe perhaps consider me for this task, that's what I'm gonna say. And some other stuff. But also that.