Friday, May 18, 2007

Pop Culture Roundup

I finished Grace (Eventually), and I don't know how much more I'll write than that. "Finished" actually translates "got kind of bored with it, stuck it on the shelf with three chapters to spare." Meh. I loved her chapter about saving the local public library. It helped me appreciate what I have here, even though our own library is currently in transition.

Okay, so we went to my brother's graduation this past Sunday, which was about an hour and 45 minutes away. As we got closer to home, I noticed the time creeping toward 9:00 and the start of The Sopranos. Mrs. POC said, "Sorry. I thought we'd be home in time for the beginning." I thought it was no big deal; that I wouldn't miss anything too huge and I could catch up as the episode went on. We walked in at 9:15 or so, and I flipped it on to find all the characters sitting around moping. And then Silvio said something like, "I can't believe Chrissy's gone." Holy crap! We had to expect a bigger character's death, but who really could've seen that? I did call Christopher getting whacked, though. So the rest of the episode is Tony reflecting on the loss. By the end he was ecstatic over it. It was a darker episode all the way around. And I missed Entourage because I was on the phone with a seminary buddy afterwards talking about how crazy the Sopranos episode was.

Mrs. POC and I are not the best about watching new episodes of Scrubs on Thursdays, but we were able to catch the two last shows of the sixth season last night. I get the way they set it up, but I'm sick of J.D. and Elliot's...thing. They keep finding excuses to end up together knowing full well that they suck at being a couple. There's more real life in that than anyone realizes, but still. I yelled at the screen a little bit.

Been listening to some older Decemberists.

Around the web, here's a funny/creepy video about a unicorn named Charlie.


Anonymous said...

What? What happened to Christopher? OK, I haven't kept up with the Sopranos AT ALL, but if they're going to be killing everyone off at the end, I want to know. And it doesn't sound like things are going to end well for Tony. I bet he doesn't die but slips further and further away from his humanity. Just a prediction.

-That Girl from Chicago

Jeff Nelson said...

The short version is that Christopher got married after he found out that his girlfriend was pregnant. He and Tony get into a car crash on the way back from a meeting with the New York guys, and Christopher confesses that he won't pass a drug test. Tony looks back and sees the baby seat completely smashed, and that leads him to plug Christopher's nose.

Fun, huh?