Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Post-Memorial Weekend Brain Droppings

Been feeling kind of apathetic about blogging the past few days. I dunno if that's for lack of things to write about (there really isn't one) or just having one of those moments where I'm sick of the internet. Anyway, here are a few random things blah blah blah end of sentence.

~Pentecost always passes too quickly. The red in the sanctuary is a novelty that never lasts long enough. Soon it'll be green, green, green, freakin' green.

~The Indians did everything right against the Tigers, and the Tigers did some things right but not many. I blame injuries. Yeah. Injuries. Especially since then they turned around and lost to the Devil Rays. THE DEVIL RAYS. Of course, I can blame Todd Jones for that. His stuff isn't always pretty and he never makes me feel secure when he comes in. But they trounced Tampa Bay last night while Boston seems unbeatable.

~So now it's summer, I guess. That means a lighter schedule for me, but also a time to think about September-May. Usually by fall I've already come up with ideas for a Christmas Eve sermon, a Lenten educational series, and maybe an Easter sermon. Why? Because I like these things to percolate for a while and they aren't the type of things that I want to come up with at the last minute.

~I sent in a deposit this morning to reserve a spot on a New Orleans work trip in the fall. I'm really looking forward to the chance to go down there and experience this for myself. It's one of those things, I think, that I need to see up close.

~I recently read an article where some guy visited a few churches that may declare themselves "emerging." He proceeds to rip on all the kids with tattoos, the loud rock music, the displays of art, and finishes up with "I'm so glad for my own nice comfortable church with hymns and well-dressed people and theology I agree with." It was the judgment of these members' outer appearances that had me nearly foaming at the mouth, though. Way to follow Jesus' example, buddy. People wonder why there are no young people in our churches...

~I have an Open Forum question related to the above. I'm just not able to word it right just yet.

Okay, that's enough. Later.