Friday, June 01, 2007

Pop Culture Roundup

I finished Static, which I appreciate for making me think and getting me to look up some things in order to check it with his proposals. Now that I'm done with the book, I remember a phrase that kept popping up as Martoia attempts to present the meaning behind Jesus' words and the kingdom that he preached. Martoia presents this message and tries to strip away all of the Christian theological intertia surrounding it, but occasionally offers a caveat: "Now, Jesus did ultimately come to die in our place on the cross, but..." He never really shows how what he's presenting ties into this other claim that he wants to retain. Without the claim, this is a marvelous declaration that he makes about God working with creation to return it to Eden, salvation as a process of restoration instead of getting your heavenly ticket punched, and so on. And yet he insists on throwing in the above statement every once in a while as if to avoid any accusation that he's abandoning true doctrine. Well, wasn't the point of this book to get around the doctrine and back to what Jesus meant?

We saw the third Pirates movie last Saturday, which was a lot of fun. Here's the thing about the reviews: a lot I've read complain that the character turns became confusing. They complain that they couldn't keep track of who was on what side. And I say that if people watch this movie thinking that there are only two sides, then yeah, it's gonna be confusing. The way people really need to view it is by realizing that each character has their own agenda and they'll do what they need to do to get what they want. The special effects are marvelous. I didn't expect a few characters' deaths, either. And you have to stay through the credits. I still liked the first one the best, but this was good for what it was.

Not a whole lot of TV this week other than baseball, and baseball's been a little depressing. A lot of key Tigers are injured. The Indians are doing well, but I wish it wasn't at Detroit's expense. And after Sizemore's catch in the first inning last night I fully realized how ridiculously good of a player he is. And at times it really is ridiculous how good he is.

Since I've been listening to the new Modest Mouse, I started pulling out slightly older Modest Mouse.

Around the web, Scott has a good entry about generation-focused churches. I was glad to read it in light of that article I mentioned the other day.