Friday, June 15, 2007

Pop Culture Roundup

I'm still reading The Angry Christian, and haven't really made much progress since last Friday. The last chapters I read dealt with the Bible portraying God and Jesus showing anger. First, Lester argues against a traditional claim that God only appears to be showing anger in the Old Testament; that God is really immutable. He argues that this is not what's actually in the Bible--God is portrayed as being intimately and passionately invested in creation and Israel, and one is reading that "immutable" theology back into things. He mentions a few difficult texts such as 2 Samuel 24 where God is angry at Israel and makes David take a census, then gets angry at David for taking the census and makes him choose a punishment, then decides mid-punishment that God is being too harsh. Lester doesn't resolve the inclusion of this text, he just mentions it to begin the discussion. He could've done without it. And throughout his discussion of these texts, Lester talks about anger in the service of love. He doesn't explain how that applies to the above, and instead it just hangs there like a fart in an elevator.

We went to see Ocean's Thirteen last weekend. We agreed that it was better than the second. This one was much simpler and more focused. The guys get back together after one of their own gets screwed over by Al Pacino's character, so they plan to ruin his new casino opening. They actually have to ask for Terry Benedict's help, which makes for some fun times later in the movie. And apparently there's this special understanding between people who have shaken Sinatra's hand. Is that kind of like not being a real Star Trek fan unless you've been to so many conventions or something? Guess I'm not in the know. And there's an appearance by an actor who appeared in Arrested Development, and I could only think of him in that other role.

What's left to be said about The Sopranos? People loved or hated the finale. I'm one who loved it. As I've said, I think the tension in the last scene was the point rather than some big firefight that some were expecting. I hope that this is truly the end, and I think David Chase has said as much: no movie. I also hope that these rumors about the "real ending" being on the DVD is false. That'd be stupid.

I've still been enjoying Amy Winehouse.

Around the web, here's a fun song and witty banter by Flight of the Conchords.