That Thing That Didn't Happen, Didn't Happen

I didn't write a post that I later didn't delete about something happening with something else. Nope. None of it happened. You're seeing things. What's wrong with you?

Anyway, I've altered my position on the thing that I didn't write about, because it seems that once I walk away that's when I want to continue. So instead of doing the thing that I didn't write about, I'm going to cut back. For you see, I still believe the thing I didn't write about to be true, but don't feel like stepping back completely.

The Sopranos made me sad last night. You spend so long with certain characters and then you watch them violently removed from the cast. Which actually makes you want certain other characters violently removed from the cast. Which says something about human nature and sin. Hey, I'm reading a book about anger right now. I'm sure this perfectly applies.

So the thing didn't happen, but it's still true. How is that possible? Ask a philosopher. Over coffee. Never mind.

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