Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Blogger's Block

Right, so my past few entries have either been really short, or have been memes. Memes are easy because you're prompted on what to write. So here's an entry of random thoughts smashed together.

I went to a bachelor party this past weekend. A good buddy from college is getting married in another week or so. I'm filling the role as the Guest Pastor Who Preaches the Homily at the ceremony. Incidentally, the ceremony will be held at the bride's parents' house with maybe 12 other guests (the big party is a few weeks later). This will be the first of three weddings that I'll be involved in this year that will take place at someone's house rather than in a church. That's not a critique, just a point of this some kind of trend, or did I just happen upon a streak of similar-minded people?

My lovely wife picked up the seventh Harry Potter book this past weekend...and then proceeded to ignore me for the next few days until she finished it. Finally, she turned it over to me the other day. I'm about 500 pages or so into it now, but still have to put up with the phone calls in the other room ("Could you believe the part where they blahblahblah?! OMG, no way!!"). All that aside, the book is pretty decent.

I keep thinking about a podcast. It doesn't seem too difficult as far as downloading some software and buying a cheap-o computer microphone. I think that'd be a pretty cool addition to this silly place. I'd pattern it after the only podcast I really listen to, Internet Monk, which would be to comment on 3-4 subjects, interlace some music (copyright issues?), and then stick it on the blog. That can't be that difficult, can it?

Incidentally, iMonk's latest got me thinking about something. He mentions a podcast called The Catholic Guy, which apparently is pretty light-hearted and interacts with culture and all that. He then comments on how a Baptist Guy program would be expected to be much more serious and focus on the horrors of culture (this is from a Baptist insider). I got to wondering, what would a UCC Guy podcast be like?

And then I got all cynical.

1. It becomes the light-hearted commentary on culture, drawing disdain from critics who point to it as the latest sign that "the UCC's" values are eroding and that this podcast doesn't speak for me and is misleading because it's called The UCC Guy instead of One Guy From the UCC and how come he never talks about theology or speaks to more traditional viewpoints?

2. It becomes the more serious commentary on culture where we have to comment on the latest flubs by the Bush administration and it constantly lobbies for universal health care and criticizes the budget and releases action alerts and tells everyone to watch out for The Theocrats who want to hijack American Christianity.

In conclusion, it would be ruined by people who never have any fun.

So I just wouldn't call it The UCC Guy.

Okay, end of cynicism. Guess I'll go get ready for work.