Tuesday, July 03, 2007

"I Confess..." Meme

I happened upon this meme elsewhere, and thought it would be fun to try. As best I can tell, the purpose is to list some "confessions" about your theology. This may have begun as a "confessing your faith" thing, but after following it back a few blogs, it seems to have evolved into an "apologizing for your theological quirks" thing. Well, I'll probably do a little of both. Here we go. I'll try for ten...

~I confess that after the initial excitement that I felt over the emerging church movement, I'm starting to get cynical that it's largely a big city phenomenon.

~I confess that when I was a hair's width of giving up Christianity, I'd considered switching to Buddhism.

~I confess a bewilderment and even some anger over the concept of "closed table" communion.

~I confess that I like a lot of John Calvin's actual thoughts and words from his own pen but not necessarily the second-generation theology that bears his name.

~I confess that Schleiermacher can probably be considered my "theological giant."

~I confess that I don't care for pluralism in its militant form, because it goes against what pluralism is.

~I confess that I haven't had use for a theology that states our sole purpose in this life is to get as many people as possible into the next one for quite a while now, because I don't think that's what Jesus was going for.

~I confess that the more I read from Jesus without the caked-on Paul/Augustine/Luther stuff, the more he makes me uncomfortable.

~I confess that hymns drive me nuts sometimes.

~I confess that I'm currently rediscovering the concept that I am not my own, that God doesn't sit around waiting to be discovered, and that the Holy Spirit actively pursues all creation in order to preserve and restore it.

Some of these probably warrant follow-ups. Maybe I'll do that eventually.