Saturday, July 07, 2007

In the Beginning...

In the beginning, man aspired to play guitar.

Man started with an acoustic, for he did want to be like unto the Dave Matthews.

Man realized that being like unto the Dave Matthews would be a lot more work than he realized, so he did thus settle for being mediocre and functional.

Eventually, man did want to expand his aspirations, and thus acquired an electric guitar.

But lo, the man was underwhelmed, even with knowledge bestowed as to quickly play scales. The electric did not please the man, for simple rhythmic playing did not suit the electric's intended purposes.

The day came when the man borrowed a small guitar amp. But lo, the man was still underwhelmed.

"It is not good for the electric to be strummed," the man said to himself. "For surely a clean strum is not that for which it was intended." And the man did begin to plan selling the guitar and returning the amp.

The man did then discover a small square button on the amp labeled "Drive." Upon pressing the button, the guitar became aggressive and grungy.

And the man laughed maniacally.

And lo, the woman was about to be greatly irritated.