Thursday, August 30, 2007

2.9 mm

That's how big the (very) little one is at the moment.

Mrs. Coffeepastor had a concern come up the other day that she wanted to have checked out, so we visited an OBGYN. While there, we both got a much more accurate picture and timetable of things.

First, she's fine. The little one is fine. Everybody's fine.

Second, I got a much more intimate perspective of what women go through at such appointments. I salute you all.

Third, we're not as far along as we initially thought. She hit 6 weeks today, so that puts the due date at April 24th. Incidentally, this is Shakespeare's birthday, which we thought was tremendously cool. It's also her sister's birthday, which is also pretty cool. We already have names picked out, and while it would be fun to plan on naming it something like Bianca if a girl and Lysander if it's a boy, we aren't that dorky. Okay, we are that dorky. Just not in this instance.

And finally, we saw it for the first time. It's not much to look at right now, but we did see its tiny heart pumping at a million miles an hour. They printed off a few pictures, all 2.9 mm of it. So that means it's about this long: --.

This is quite an amazing little adventure we're starting.