Friday, August 03, 2007

Pop Culture Roundup

Still working through The Intimate Merton, which is taking me a lot longer than I thought it would. I read a few of his entries at a time, which may only mean that I've read 3-4 pages in a sitting. Sometimes what he's writing about demands it. I find that I need to spend a little more time with each entry the more he focuses on a Catholic festival or ritual.

We saw The Simpsons Movie this past weekend, and laughed pretty hard more than once. The cameos by Green Day and Tom Hanks are excellent. Bart's skateboarding will make you do a double-take. And Albert Brooks is always gold whenever he guest-voices. There is, as one reviewer has mentioned, not a lot of focus on individual Springfieldian quirks, but I don't think that a movie can (or should) in the same way that 18-years' worth of episodes can. My biggest letdown: no Kang and Kodos. Oh well.

I also watched Domino this week. It may just be my Y chromosome that enjoys an action flick involving Kiera Knightly...but if I say that people will scream, "cultural conditioning" or whatever, so I need to come up with better reasons...............nope, "action flick involving Kiera Knightly" is all I got. I like this genre, where it's filmed in kind of a gritty lower resolution with lots of Conflicted Bad People. The soundtrack is pretty good, too. And Ian Ziering and Brian Austin Green are amusing versions of themselves dealing with life post-90210. I'll admit that it's over-the-top in some places, but I'm comfortable with that.

Entourage, man. Seriously. This past week's episode was all about a bet over whether Turtle or Eric could hook up a one-nighter faster. I guess we needed a break from stories involving...anything else at all. Although following Ari around trying to get his son back into private school was funny and touching. And Dan Castellaneta played the headmaster, so that's some sort of Roundup Simpsons Twofer Special.

On a happier TV note, I discovered yesterday that Kat, who spent a season on Miami Ink before whatever happened with Ami happened and he let her go, will now star in L.A. Ink. Basically, it'll be the same concept, only in Los Angeles and with a bunch of chicks instead. Cool.

Still listening to Pink Floyd. I picked up Animals the other week. The guitar on Pigs is incredible. I'm sure that this'll wear off eventually, or at least come down to some level of normal. Fun fact: when you plug "Pink Floyd" into Pandora, they play a lot of early Genesis. Like, Peter Gabriel-era Genesis. You all need to know that.

Around the web, here's a Livejournal community that "de-garfs" Garfield comic strips. That is, they remove Garfield's thought bubbles, thus making them more funny (or, in their opinion, just funny). If you have a sense of humor like mine, you'll agree that a lot of these are pretty funny. It's certainly more true to the lives of those with cats. And in a way, some of them are actually more tragic now. Take a look for yourself.