Thursday, August 09, 2007

Pop Culture Roundup

The Intimate Merton is going very slowly. Maybe I'll just leave this section off until I finish it, and until you see it again you can pretty well assume that I'm still reading it.

We're going to see The Bourne Ultimatum tomorrow. I've heard and will expect good things.

We watched most of the first episode of L.A. Ink this week, which follows Kat back to Hollywood to start her own tattoo shop. The lone guy she tries to get to join her shop is freaking awesome. He just draws the image right on the person without any paper involved. That's talent. Pixie freaked me out a little bit with her forked tongue. Kim seems to be the spiritual one of the group.

Entourage had a little more direction this week. It focused on Eric getting a new office and trying to get his name out as Vince's manager. There's a weird scene with Gary Busey. And Jeremy Piven shows why he won an emmy, because his character's got the most personality. His stories have so much more breadth and depth than the other guys. Vince sleeps with another girl, Eric complains about something, Drama gets in some ridiculous predicament, and Turtle smokes another joint. And no one has too bad of a day. I think I only watch this show for Ari nowadays. I should start another season of Scrubs or something.

I listened to Alanis Morissette Unplugged this week. It's not bad, if you like her music to begin with. Still can't really stomach Ironic, though. I once heard a comedian say, "No Alanis, those things aren't ironic. They're just unfortunate." True.

Around the web, watch the trailer for this movie called The Ten. I laughed really hard, and looks like a good theological conversation starter besides.

And then go read every single thing that Brant writes, because it's all absolutely hilarious. Start with this one.