Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sometimes I Say Dumb Things

I don't know what it is, but sometimes I really just say some stupid things as a pastor.

Sometimes I catch myself doing it, and then proceed to say a few more stupid things to try to cover it up.

Exhibit A: last year I used a newspaper during a children's sermon and asked the kids what kinds of things you find in a newspaper. Back to back, two answers were "obituaries" and "wedding announcements." I made a comment about how weird it was that they were on the same page, which drew a modest chuckle from the congregation. For the remainder of the service, I began to wonder how So-and-So, who had lost his wife a few months prior, would have heard that. It ate at me so much that when it came time for the Prayers of the People I blurted out a prayer for "pastors who make inappropriate comments during children's sermons."

Or consider the most recent Consistory meeting, where I was in rare form (probably still giddy over finding out that I'm going to be a father). There's been a rather unfortunate trend lately where almost every time this past year when I've tried to take time off, someone dies. It's actually become a joke with the congregation at this point. So the other night I tell them that I'm taking my last two vacation weeks in October together to take a trip during the second week, "so when someone dies, hopefully it happens during the first week and I can still go."

I didn't need to say that. Sheesh.

Thank God that there's grace in the gospel, or I'd be screwed.


Beth Quick said...

Ah, I've had so many moments like this. It's good to have someone else confess them! ;)

Di said...

Amen. We've all been there.