Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Well, What Else Can I Say?

All right, I think that everyone knows by this point. Joyful phone calls and e-mails have been made, or people saw the blog, or someone told someone else in the grocery store, or a pastor cleverly shared it during the Prayers of the People and the congregation may or may not have picked up on it.

So sometime around the beginning of April, we welcome Mini-Me. Well, Mini-Her-And-Me. Mini-Us. Only singular. We think.

The very realization of this, which only came as recently as Sunday morning, seems to change one's thinking. Already, plans related to career, trips, diet, and whatever else have slowly become attached to the question, "How will that affect the baby?" Suddenly there's someone else to start considering, and aspirations shrink a little. That's not a tremendously original revelation, but I'm just saying that it's happening already.

The Soon-to-Be Nurse Wife is going to work second shift. How will that affect the baby?

I was toying with the idea of going back to school. How will that affect the baby?

We have three cats. I hope they don't affect the baby. Daddy's a little allergy-prone. Are allergies genetic? I have to read about these things.

Of course, right now it's only a few centimeters big and apparently resembles a shrimp, so we have a while.

This is still a little surreal. Exciting, but surreal.