Friday, August 17, 2007

Word Association Meme

Foregoing the Roundup, as it wouldn't have been very interesting. First thought that pops into your head for each word, yadda yadda...

1. vineyard - There's an untouched bottle of white wine in the refrigerator that's been in there for months, and now unless I'm drinking it by myself, that's where it's going to stay for a while yet.

2. root - I think of actor Stephen Root, who plays Milton in Office Space, but who also plays a record company executive in Just Friends: "If you don't make me happy, I'm going to find someone to make me happy." It's been on HBO a lot lately. Good movie.

3. rescue - I've been thinking about college football lately since it's right around the corner, and I'd love, love, LOVE for Michigan to rescue me from the past few years' worth of torment watching them lose to The Sweatervest. It wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't surrounded by their fans. This year looks very promising for my boys, but The Game is always its own animal.

4. perseverance - A good word for when I was looking over my calendar the next few weeks. My vacation in October is looking very pretty. Of course, my vacations are also apparently cursed...

5. divided - I felt divided during a recent trip to a used bookstore. There were a few gems there, but I couldn't take them all. I did come away with some old hymnals and a missal, but left the others alone.


Di said...

As far as #3 goes, the only thing I can say is:


(This is what happens when a girl goes to college in Ohio...)

revhipchick said...

terrific lighthearted play!

Terri said...

As long as the wine is unopened it will last, but I do hope you have someone to share it with sooner than later, at least while it's still warm outside...

fun play!

Jeff Nelson said...

Mrs. M, I went to both high school and college in Ohio and have remained uncorrupted.;)

chartreuseova said...

Oh, not the vacation curse...isn't there a special blessing ceremony for that?

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

oh the Sweatervest... I've noticed myself that Bob Stoops has picked up on this ... Glad to know you're probably joing the fad wearing:
b) coordinating socks
c) anything argyle.

erin said...

oh Jeffie, you know it's not nice to start calling names when the season hasn't even started yet!! ;)

guess what? we bought a house!!! today!!! seriously!!! how many more exclamation points can I use???? ;)


Mary Beth said...

Mmmmmm. Used book stores.

Anonymous said...

Used book stores - I just scored a copy of the Methodist Book of Worship for under $5, as well as some Elaine Pagels and the Ragamuffin Gospel. Crazy what you can find out there.

-That girl from Chicago

Jeff Nelson said...

Hey, one of the things I found the other day was a Methodist BOW. The red one?

HotCupLutheran...perish the thought. Carr's typical hat and sweatshirt/jacket suit me just fine.

Of course, his reliance on the running game when he has an above-average QB and two excellent WRs doesn't, but that's something else.

And's a term of endearment, sort of. I thought people loved seeing him in that stupid thing. Anyway, congrats on the house.

erin said...

Well, I have to say, Matt and I do love his sweater vest. He seems to pull it off well....and there's a song that the "hip" station in Columbus plays that they made up called, "He's Got a Head Like a Ken Doll". It's hysterical.

And thanks!! We're excited. :)

And Heidi and Jason live in Willoughby these days---they've been there pretty much since they got married--we're going to see them next month (we're heading to Cleve-land), so if you and the wifey are up for a road trip, we would love to meet you for coffee or dinner or something. :)


ps. Go Bucks!! (I just had to. Hee.)