Sunday, September 23, 2007


Mediocrity never felt so good.

I'm really digging Ryan Mallet. I vote he starts the rest of the year. Maybe that'd be too much. But he runs. Michigan has a quarterback who...runs. I...uh...excuse me...I promised myself I wouldn't tear up...

Anyway, Hart did his thing and UM's defense had somebody to knock around for the second week in a row. Basically Henne transferred to Penn State for the day.

But Mallet, man. He didn't carry the team by any means yesterday, but he hit his receivers and even ran in the first touchdown. He RAN IN the first touchdown. He SCRAMBLES. He's AWESOME. The future looks promising in that regard.

Snippet of conversation:

Coffeewife: So, who do they play next week?
Coffeepastor: Northwestern, I think.

Coffeewife: Wait...isn't Ohio State crushing them right now?
Coffeepastor: Yeah.
Coffeewife: Cool.

There's still a long road ahead. Purdue and basically November is going to be a headache. And I've been reminded by pieces of my Illinois-sympathetic readership that they actually use a spread offense (the part of that readership who cares about college football, anyway), so that might suck as well.

But for now, I'll revel in our mediocrity. Especially because at least one church member picked Penn State in a walk.