Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Because For Some Reason I Only Write About Sports Now

Okay, so the Tigers' season looks about done unless A-Rod gets hit by a car. It'll be fun to watch the Indians in the postseason, but I was hoping for 1) more from Detroit, even though they've been keeping close through injuries and struggling pitching, and 2) a Yankee-less October for once. I suppose that there's reason to hope yet and there's definitely cause to look forward to next year for the Tigers. Meantime, I'll go ahead and call a Cleveland-Boston ALCS going to seven games with the Tribe eeking it out to face some NL team that they'll run over.

The Wolverines...are terrible. I was pleasantly surprised, then incredibly depressed that the game was being shown on a TV station that I actually get. But let's expand our discussion to include Akron holding the Buckeyes to a field goal the entire first half, Michigan State not waking up until the second half against Bowling Green, Northwestern and Minnesota barely surviving their games, and Penn State and Wisconsin looking shaky in their wins. What's that mean? It means a pretty weak-looking Big Ten, where the cries of "overrated" can be heard from California and the southeast. It just seems our whole conference is in some trouble right now.

I wrote sometime last year about wanting to like the NFL more. Well, I suppose that I need to devote more time to reading up on the...sigh...Lions. Doesn't hockey start soon?