Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Best Time of the Week

Any pastor/church worker whose day finishes at around noon on Sunday might call Sunday afternoon/evening the best time of their entire week. Whatever they'd done that morning, whatever they'd prepared for all week, it's finished. It's over, and if you've invested enough of your emotional energy in the act of preaching and leading worship, you're thankful that the rest of the day involves lying on the couch. Mine was slightly prolonged by an after-worship youth discussion group and a hospital visit, so I've had to catch up on my couch-lying.

Hey, Michigan won a game. How about that? Of course, they played a horrible rebuilding Notre Dame. But a win over Notre Dame is always enjoyable anyway. Next is the opening of the Big Ten season, and judging by every Big Ten team's play thus far, the title is wide open. Here's an exchange relayed during the Michigan game yesterday:

Mike Hart: I think we can win the Big Ten.
Reporter: Really? How do you figure that?
Hart: No spread offenses.

Big Ten football. Where it's always 1978.

So the Coffeepastor household spent yesterday at an old-timey craft festival nearby with some of my relatives. All the workers are dressed up like the colonial days, and the food was "authentic" to the time period as well: turkey legs, corn on the cob...elephant ears? We found a few bottles of wine and Coffeewife fawned over pretty much everything. The guys in our group hung back more, although once we got to the only section where modern stuff was allowed, we stepped it up a little. I bought a thing, but I can't say what it is because my brother reads this and it's for him.

Our cats also came away with a new toy. Coffeewife bought a racoon tail, thinking that they'd like to play with it. One of our cats, the youngest, yet biggest, yet most skittish, has taken to it quite well: he'll grab it in his mouth, flip it into the air, and then try to bat at it while it comes back down. We could learn something from animals, how the simple things can keep them entertained for so long in between their five four-hour daily naps.

And it's fall. There's a chill in the air, the leaves are turning, and I had to break out a jacket for the first time this morning. Sweet.