Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Meme Where You List Four Things that I Think Was Meant More for Chicks

4 crushes:

1. Molly - elementary school. I went through the whole "gave her a valentine and then got crushed" thing with her.

2. Andrea - high school. Looking back, it's a good thing we stayed in the "friend zone."

3. Katy - college. After an entire semester of flirting, we went on exactly one date and to this day I don't know what turned her off.

4. Coffeewife - college. I'd basically thought of her as a long shot after a very long and winding story, but now we've been married five years.

4 Pieces of Clothing I wish I still owned (and/or that still fit):

1. A dark blue dress shirt that somehow got stains on it

2. A pair of black boots that wore out

3. My favorite pair of Structure boxers (you asked for it)

4. A Michigan tie that I haven't been able to find for years

4 names I’ve been called at one time or another:

1. Taco. Yeah, seriously.

2. Bongo Boy - play the bongos for little kids once, and they'll drive it into the ground

3. Bartok - my fraternity pledge name

4. Reverend. Dude, just my name is fine.

4 Professions I secretly Want to Try:

1. Actor

2. Coffeeshop owner

3. Magazine columnist

4. College chaplain

4 Musicians I’d most want to go on a date with:

1. Kelly Clarkson

2. Jeff the Girl from Five Iron Frenzy

3. Petra Haden from The Decemberists

4. KT Tunstall

4 Foods I’d rather Throw than Eat:

1. Communion wafers

2. Lima beans

3. Peas

4. Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches - the last thing I ate before an episode of food poisoning. I've barely been able to look at them since.

4 Things I Like to Sniff:

1. Cinnamon rolls

2. Autumn rain

3. Coffee

4. Red wine


erin said...

I know which Katy you're referring to!! :) Ha! I still keep in touch with her, by the way. Do you want me to ask her why it didn't work out?? Hee. Nah, something tells me you're much happier with the wifey. :)

And, okay, I know it's been 5 years, but we can remedy that. Not sure how, but it's doable. Maybe you and coffeewife need to take a trip to Rochester for relaxation and yummy coffee from my favorite place....hmm???? ;)

Either that or I could just swing in and see you sometime.

OH MY GOSH! I just had an idea!!! Matt's friend Paul is getting married at the Presbyterian church in Orrville (of course you know where that is) in two weeks and the reception's in Walnut Creek. Is that close to where you are now???

Maybe I can sneak away for some catching up and coffee talk. And a little UM bashing, of course. ;)

Um, and yeah.....sorry for the novel of a comment. :) You know me!


ps. and don't forget another name you've been called....Jeffie. :)

Jeff Nelson said...

I'd guess that she and I are both happier.

And dude...we're barely 10 minutes away from Orrville. The only thing is, I might not be in town when you are. I'll be taking a trip Oct. 6-14.