Saturday, September 01, 2007

Pop Culture Roundup

Maugham is on hold and Merton was recently placed on the shelf unfinished. I have every intention of returning to Maugham and eventually when I've worked up to it I'll get back to Merton. But after re-reading Leaving Church, I decided to return to another story that I've already read twice: Open Secrets by Richard Lischer. Lischer recounts his time in his first church, a country chapel outside Alton, Illinois: the quirks, the disagreements, the Good Ideas That Didn't Work, the relationships. My mindset is just geared toward reading or re-reading these stories at the moment.

So in seminary, a friend asked me to burn some songs for her onto a CD for a project she was working on. The assignment was to write one's own creed, and she had the idea to turn in an accompanying series of songs that somehow express her beliefs as well. So she handed me a stack of songs and long story short, I burned a copy for myself just for kicks. The songlist is about 1/3 U2 and 1/3 Live, and then some Tori Amos and others. Anyway, as much as people want to make Bono into one of our Modern Day Prophets or whatever, I don't like that much of U2's music. But the real point of this is to say that I never really listened to Live when they'd peaked in popularity save for the couple of songs played on the radio, but I've really gotten into the stuff included on this CD: "Dance With You," "Run to the Water," "Sparkle," and "They Stood Up For Love," which is my favorite out of the bunch.

I've decided that the reason I watch Entourage is more for the characters than any sort of overarching plot grounded in reality. Ari interacting with Lloyd is fun, Ari interacting with his wife is fun, Ari interacting with his employees is fun, Ari ranting for five minutes is fun. Drama is a good goofy character. Vince and Eric are getting on my nerves. Eric's all like, "Oh no, I'm worried about this thing," and Vince is all like, "Duuuude...don't worry, maaaan," and Eric's all like, "Nope, still worried and I'm not sure whether or not I want to go out with this hot girl who is interested in me but is totally out of my league, and also I think I'll whine a little for fun," and Vince is all like, "Duuuude...stop worrying...hey look, everything worked out for me. Cooool." The supporting cast is much more interesting. So there you go: I mainly watch for whatever Ari is going to do, and some of what Drama does, and sometimes for what the other cardboard cutouts do. It's a half hour of fluff with guys having fun and a wink at Hollywood life. It was unfair of me from the get-go to think it could outright replace The Sopranos. Actually, I didn't really think that was possible...but when it came right after Sopranos I began to see it for what it really is.

It's a good thing that college football starts today, because I'm starting to think that the Tigers have dug themselves into too deep a hole and Cleveland has gotten hot. There isn't a whole lot wrong with that, as the Indians are the only Ohio team I really care about at all, so good on them for doing what they're doing. Meanwhile Detroit can reload and heal and try again next year. Of course, there's still a month left so maybe I'm giving up too early.

I don't have much to show from elsewhere around the internets, but I did watch a show recounting the history of The Game. It got me excited and also a little dreadful, because Michigan is the favorite this year, but Carr is their coach. I did read that he's actually got Henne throwing passes out of the shotgun, which is novel for him apparently. With this offense, the only guy to blame if we lose to The Sweatervest is the guy calling the shots. Surely Carr knows whats at stake for himself this year. Of course, we'll also see if The Sweatervest is more than his anointed Heisman quarterback. At any rate, GO BLUE and we'll see you in November.

If we lose again, maybe I'll put out my profile up north. I'm only joking. Mostly.