Thursday, September 06, 2007

Pop Culture Roundup

I discover something new each time I read Open Secrets. I'm actually a little ashamed of how I've missed the way he centers stories around common theological themes in each chapter. For instance, he describes the images of the Trinity in one church window; how it seems to have God all figured out, how it seems to provide a closed and completed formula for how the whole "3 in 1" thing works...and then he tells story after story of human uncertainty and tragedy; the sorts of situations where we try to figure out what exactly God must be doing with us, if anything at all.

We watched Blades of Glory this past week, which was a typical Will Ferrell movie: talented piggish man-child falls from grace, learns a few lessons, makes a big comeback. Insert a few people you've seen from his other movies in assorted roles. It was fine for what it was. Will Arnett and Amy Poehler are great as the brother-sister rivals, and Jon Heder is decent as the other more fragile man-child. Actually, it's too bad that Arnett doesn't get more recognition. Maybe this is just the Arrested Development fanboy talking, but he's great in roles as the self-involved jerk.

Well, wouldn't you know it? Something bad finally happened to Vince on Entourage. They head to Cannes for the premiere of Medillian, and people hate it. A studio head buys it for $1, mostly as an insult. And since this was the season finale, we probably have to wait until next June to see what happens. Maybe the studio somehow cuts it up enough to make it a hit and Vince wins an Oscar. Or maybe Vince rebounds with some other movie and eventually wins an Oscar. We have to end up at the Oscars sooner or later, and then there'll be nowhere left for the show to go.

This week has been heavy on Wish You Were Here.

Around the internets, there's actually a Will Ferrell Movie Generator.