Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pop Culture Roundup

This week I started Take This Bread by Sara Miles. Miles is a former atheist who converted to Christianity because I've yet to reach her actual conversion moment (if conversion really happens in a moment), but it centers around the act of being offered communion. I'm only maybe three chapters in, but she's detailed some of her travels and her days as a cook in a New York restaurant, always noting the food that she learns about or that she's offered while witnessing firsthand some of the events around Nicaragua in the 1980s. As such, she begins to connect the experience of food and hospitality not only with people's physical situations, but also their spiritual situations (even in her days as an atheist).

Out of morbid curiosity I tuned into the MTV Video Music Awards the other night just to see how Britney did. Um...not well. The lip-syncing was the most obvious blunder to me, as she didn't look like she was trying too hard there. People have ragged on her weight a little, and maybe she should have thought twice about the outfit, but come on...she's still very slender. How people justify comments about her weight based on this is beyond me. Besides all that though, honestly, I can't help but root for some of these celebrities who fall off the wagon and then try to climb back on. They bring a lot of the drama and attention to themselves, but when they try to fix things up I tend to hope that they're serious about it, even if their constant attention by the media (ParisNicoleLohanOlsens) annoys the crap out of me otherwise. Britney didn't look serious the other night. Sad.

Waiting for Scrubs to start back up. Hoping JD and Elliot don't get back together. Although the concept of two people who make a terrible couple when they're together, and always want to be together when they're split up, is very true-to-life. But whether it's real life or on TV, it's pretty freaking annoying.

It's fall, so that means I've been listening to The Decemberists.

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