Wednesday, September 19, 2007

So Much for the Tigers, I'm Annoyed, and What's On Tap

It's looking to be about over for Detroit. They've blown two games against Cleveland, and if it had been against anyone else I'd be more upset. And I mean "blown," because both nights they got off to strong starts and then their pitching messed everything up. And Robertson is pitching against Sabathia today, so things won't get any better. So congrats to the Indians. I'll be rooting for you throughout the postseason.

I'm annoyed. An event occurred yesterday morning that reinforced all my negative thoughts about weddings. Basically, I was all but baldly told that all I need to do next month is show up, say some prayers, and sign the certificate, and don't bother me too much in the meantime. One-half of the couple considers it a chore to even meet with me once beforehand. We had about a 10-minute argument about it. I suppose that I can be thankful that this person was up front about it. Maybe I should put a Justice of the Peace on speed dial...

I haven't exactly been a frequent blogger lately. But coming up is a full-out review of Take This Bread, something about showing Jesus to others, and, as always, the Roundup.