Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Bunch of Random Life Happenings You May or May Not Care About

I was going to write about the busy week that I just came off of, but it occurred to me that maybe writing about the specifics of my church life shouldn't be a main focus for this blog. So here's the short version: funeral, preaching class, youth thing, worship service, another youth thing. They all exceeded my expectations (even the funeral, which sounds weird but trust me). I thought I'd be sluggish and unmotivated coming off two weeks' vacation, but 1) I couldn't afford to be, and 2) none of these things were dependent only on my own energy, which is a very cool thing to realize.

So...uh...where did October go? Oh yeah...the two weeks' vacation thing.

I catsat this past weekend, too. My parents headed east to see the family, so I made the trip to my former hometown to drink their Diet Dr. Pepper and sit on the deck. That's the cat's favorite spot, and it was still warm enough to sit out with her. So I shared with her my hopes and dreams for my ministry while she watched the birds. Sure, I can do that with my own cats, but it's nice to have an objective party listen sometimes, you know?

The CoffeeInLaws were up for a little bit this weekend as well. We inherited a new toy from them because CoffeeInLawDad got a new NEW toy of his own. He's looking a lot healthier these days, I must say.

I talked with a couple friends on the phone last night. I suck at talking on the phone, but I owed a few people some calls. One friend turned in his 80-page doctoral dissertation proposal yesterday, so he was feeling quite pleased with himself. The celebratory margarita he'd had helped, too.

Okay, then. That's it.