Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fun Observations About the Other Blogs I Link to

Hey...somebody turn this into a meme. "List ten observations about your blogroll" or something.

~Five of them are written by UCC members.

~Six of them consider themselves to be a part of the emerging/missional "conversation."

~Three of them are college buddies.

~I recently realized that one of them lives in a town maybe 20 minutes from me, and may expect a random drop-in visit sometime.

~13 out of the 33 blogs are written by laypeople or people not otherwise serving in some sort of ministerial position.

~Eight of them live in, or otherwise have ties to, Ohio.

~Four of them live in, or otherwise have ties to, Michigan.

~One is written overseas, in Great Britain.

~One of them has published a book.

~I've met six of these bloggers in person.

Okay, now you go.


erin said...

Ooh! I know which categories I fit into!! :)

And Go Bucks!! ;)


Daniel said...

I notice that my list is so out of date :/
4 don't exist anymore, 3 never write anything, 4 I hardly ever look at. Definately time for an update.