Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Rethinking Youth Ministry

I was pleasantly surprised to run across a blog today called Rethinking Youth Ministry, written by two Disciples pastors with whom I attended seminary. They're both good guys, and they're contributing to a very important discussion for the church. Check it out.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Im from Melbourne.
Please check out these related references which address the CS Lewis quote on your web-page.

1. www.dabase.org/rgcbpobk.htm
2. www.dabase.org/search.htm
3. www.realgod.org
4. www.dabase.org/dualsens.htm
5. www.dabase.org/proofch6.htm

Jeff Nelson said...

No they don't. But I'll leave up your post anyway. Not that I expect you'll be back to respond.