Thursday, November 08, 2007

I Get All Political

Right, so I think yesterday's Onion article hit a nerve. I figured that it would, as it pushes some boundaries as satire is wont to do. And let me be clear that The Onion is nothing but satire, which is important. You know all the Christian panty-twisting over Harry Potter being satanic and J.K. Rowling secretly wanting to convert children to wicca and whatever? All that was started by an Onion article. So I get that when something isn't read in its proper context, bad things happen.

(As an aside, the more I think about it, the more I'm willing to bet that the Harry Potter stuff was someone with a sense of humor fanning the flames and trying to see just how big the fire would get...which would make it a brilliant act of satire. Too bad a lot of people wouldn't "get" it.)

Satire is meant to hold up a mirror to a particular aspect of society and help show its ridiculous side. When that happens, it tends to make us uncomfortable. It may go places we don't want to go. I'd actually posted that Onion article twice yesterday. I first posted it in the morning, took it down, and then re-posted it in the evening because I wondered about some of the imagery, whether people would understand its use. At the end of the day, obviously, I said, "screw it." Art is dangerous.

Okay, so what's this article really about if Guiliani isn't really running for president of 9/11? It is about politicians who cling to one of the most tragic events in U.S. history as a way to get over with voters. It's a cheap ploy that attempts to keep people in a state of fear or sentimentality and doesn't let people move on to dealing with the present situation that that tragedy helped create. I'm not saying we should forget what happened and I'm not saying that it wasn't a horrible watershed moment...just that trying to keep people there during your presidential campaign is irresponsible and manipulative.

There. Now you know one candidate that I probably won't be voting for.

Hey, what the hell, while I'm on the subject, BARACK OBAMA IS NOT A MUSLIM. Holy crap, people. He's a member of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. OH NOES, HIS MIDDLE NAME IS HUSSEIN~!

Well, my last name originates from Sweden, so that means if I was running for office I'd secretly plan on converting our government to a constitutional monarchy, establish Dutch Calvinism as the official state religion, and replace Budweiser with Akvavit. Oh yes, fear the name. It means EVERYTHING~!

That was satire, too. Maybe not particularly good satire, but satire.

I was originally going to write about more light-hearted things in this post, but now I'm too cranky.