Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Liturgically Incorrect Blog

You like what I've done with the place?

I know there's still a Sunday left before Advent starts, but my view is that after Thanksgiving the decorating can commence at any time. And even then, I went right for the Christmas red and green instead of Advent purple. Forgive me, liturgy police, for I can't help but get into the spirit of things.

It was just a couple years ago that I felt so incredibly bogged down by the commercialism of it all. Here's a past entry to that effect. At that point pulling the covers over my head sounded better than a lot of the crap we set up for ourselves around this time. But this year has felt different. There seems to be some good energy surrounding the beginning of this season, and I'm going to take full advantage.

So here's first to Reign of Christ Sunday, one of those lesser-known holy days, and then here's to the beginning of Advent.

This year I think I'll start a new posting tradition that will take us toward Christmas: every Monday, a post related to the season. It'll be some reflection on the themes of Advent, the goings-on at church, my experience of ministry, the Coffeehousehold's preparations...something along those lines.

The Mondays of Advent series...coming soon. I know you're thrilled.