Friday, November 30, 2007

Pop Culture Roundup

This week I picked up The Golden Compass, on which the movie of same name is based. I'd become curious after the apparent growing Christian backlash against it. The basic argument is that the His Dark Materials trilogy does for atheism what Narnia does for Christianity (but, you know, the latter is okay). So I figured I'd read it for myself and see what all the fuss is about. I haven't started it yet, but I will soon.

We saw The Game Plan. I'm a Rock fan, so I wanted to. And given the time of day that we went and the length of time that the movie has been out, we were the only two in the theater. That was kind of fun. The movie itself is very much a Disney movie: very family-oriented, The Rock seems to purposefully oversell some of the sillier moments (although he oversold as a wrestler a lot of times as well, so no shock there). One thing that I finally realized after this movie is that the NFL doesn't seem to license their logo, team names, and so on for movies. I seriously cannot think of one football movie where they use real NFL team stuff. Are there any?

This week, House surprised me. First, the case the team worked on was a young musician whose "music" is that new-age seemingly-random-notes-but-no-really-its-art crap. There's some argument about whether it's drug-related (the guy's condition, not his music). Finally, House decides that its a viral infection in his brain, and proves it by inducing a seizure by playing the guy's own music really loud back at him. Then it's time to pick his team. After arguing with Cuddy about how many he can pick (she says two, he says three), he fires the blonde (woohoo!) and #13. Cuddy is shocked that he'd fire #13, tells him to hire her back, and then realizes that that's how he'd intended it to play out the whole time. Ha! The question I have at this point is what the show is really going to do with House's old team. Foreman is the only one getting substantial face time. The other two make brief appearances if they're written into the episode at all.

There was also an interesting development on Scrubs last night. While JD and Turk get into an argument about what growing up means, it's Kelso's birthday. Some higher-up on the Board of Directors finds out that he's turning 65 and now they'll begin edging him toward retirement. It's the last season and all, but I hadn't expected that. Kelso is not the most endearing character on the show, either. He has his moments and in more recent seasons they've softened him, but the other staff isn't exactly going to react with well-wishes and sympathy. I can only imagine what Dr. Cox will do when he finds out.

(For a guy who doesn't do too well with blood and needles and things, I sure watch a lot of medical shows...)

This week I've been playing with my new Chocolate phone. You see the church sanctuary in a whole new light while listening to Saliva's Ladies and Gentlemen.

Around the web, here's a funny (and true-to-life) cartoon about a cat trying to wake its owner.