Thursday, November 01, 2007


So this year, the Coffeehousehold had one trick-or-treater. That's actually one more than we've had the past two years combined. Why is that, you ask? Because we live in a freaking cornfield and parents understandably don't think it's worth the drive for their kid to get one more chocolate bar.

The only reason we even had one was because I made an announcement before worship on Sunday. And knowing full well that we won't get many, we always make it a point to make it worth people's while: this year we picked up some full-size Snickers and Milky Way bars. "Fun size?" How is making your candy smaller "fun?" No, we go for the gusto. People are missing out, man.

Anyway, the one who did make it up (which we were entirely too excited about) was a little girl who'd just turned a year old. Her mom carried her up to the front step and had her all decked out in a little duck costume. We let her pick out a Milky Way, which she wasn't old enough to appreciate yet. Coffeewife even scooped up our cat who loves to escape out the front door, and let the two interact. Our cat kind of got the raw end: a few hard pats on the head, a slight tug on the ear...but he's so laid-back that he didn't seem to mind. They even touched noses. We later considered that a good sign of how he'll deal with the baby.

Articles like this make me nervous to have a daughter. Hey, let's tempt all the neighborhood child molesters as much as possible while encouraging children to lose their virginity at age 10! Screw that. Here's a garbage bag with some holes for your head and arms. When you turn 18 you're allowed to show your neck and elbows. I'm kidding. Sort of.

Anyway, hope you had a Happy Halloween.

(HT to Church for Starving Artists for the disturbing article link.)