Monday, November 12, 2007

That Time of Year

We've come to that week.

If you live in Ohio or Michigan, you know what that week is.

Lately, this week has made me cranky. Why, you ask. Because I just become overwhelmed with a sense of dread about the whole thing. Last year, I was really cranky because the teams were so close in ability that I knew it would be a nail-biter, and the final score reflected that.

This year...uh...

Okay, up until Saturday Ohio State was number 1 in the nation...again. Highly touted defense, decent offense. They've blown out almost every opponent, except Illinois. On the other hand, OSU's schedule hasn't exactly set the world on fire in terms of difficulty. They had a couple scares against Washington and Wisconsin...and Akron.

Michigan...well, we all like to remind UM fans about how their year has gone, don't we? There was the craptastic debacle that was Appalachian State, followed by the trouncing by Oregon. Although we now know that Oregon is really one of the best teams in the country, and I really respect the year that they've put together. They owned Michigan that day, plain and simple, and they've also owned pretty much everyone else. Since then, UM has done okay for itself racking up a string of solid, though not overwhelming, victories. Henne and Hart have both played hurt but still carried the team on their backs at a few points, which is the epitome of toughness. And we saw just how important these two are to the team when they were left out against Wisconsin.

Mostly, I worry about Michigan's defense, and I worry that Henne and Hart won't play. If both or even one of them don't, UM probably loses. Mallett has done some good stuff this year, but he showed against Wisconsin that he's still very limited. Knowing Henne and Hart, they're taking really good care of themselves this week because this was one of the reasons they stuck around.

If it ends up being another win for Ohio State (Tressel and Carr are still the head coaches, after all), that'll make four in a row. And if Carr doesn't decide to retire after that, well...maybe someone else will suggest it. Good guy, has done some great things as head coach...but dude, you gotta win The Game.

What makes me cranky is the thought of four in a row.

Tressel the head coach, against a shaky defense and some banged-up key offensive guys.

And the fact that I have to live with these people...truly The Most Insufferable Fans in the Land. TRULY.

We'll see. Study that Illinois film, boys.

Go Blue.