Saturday, November 17, 2007

Three and Out

That pretty well sums up Michigan's offense today. Attempt after attempt at short throws and long bombs, each one usually met with either the ball slipping through the receiver's fingers or Henne lying flat on his back. After the first few series, Hart wasn't even much of a factor.

Okay, let's get a couple things straight.

As much as people have been dogging Lloyd, this had little to do with him. There were the afforementioned dropped passes, the sacks, and Henne's injured shoulder that didn't seem to come around the way it did in previous games. Whether Carr retires at this point or not, this loss can't really hang on his performance. The running game basically got shut down and Manningham and Co. couldn't hold onto the ball.

The defense did their part, at least after a while. Wells did what Hart usually does, but really, the defense held the Buckeyes to two touchdowns. That's significant, I think. That's even less than Akron allowed (AKRON!). They caused Boeckman to make a lot of mistakes as well which, annoyingly, the ABC announcers seemed to blame on the weather every single time. Then the offense would step in, play three downs, and give the ball back.

It was a mess on Michigan's end. But it wasn't that they were outcoached. It was more that the offense couldn't take advantage.

So here they sit, 8-4, probably headed to...what...the Alamo Bowl? Capital One? Outback? One of those.

Whatever. Go Blue.